a summary of one direction

  • Harry: i like girls lol penis jokes wow look at that banana i love everybody hiiiiiiii love you guys and louis oops i didnt say that, la is my home, wait no i dont have a home
  • Louis: you listen here u stupid fuck , im not gay i have a girlfriend whos definitely a girl westside haha im so gangster
  • Liam: fucking paps pick ur balls up off the floor im sorry no no im not no really im so sorry ill come back when the freedom of spech law is back sophiasophiasophia fucking batman
  • Niall: haha best fans ever haha shit fuck haha fuckin love you guys tats te craic tirty seven countries
  • Zayn: wot the fuk am i even doin i fuckin hate this shit buy little mix's new album aha meet arnie bro ask me if i give a motherfuck